Our team of specialists is able to identify and recommend the most appropriate and applicable sustainability certification protocol to the type of product, market and consumer desirable to entry or reach. 

Our projects comprise the implementation and maintenance of sustainability certifications (Fair for Life, UEBT, RA, among others). We can also implement organic certification protocols and we work to keep this organic certification.

Certifications demonstrate the company leadership in sustainability, represent means to access specific market and clients and are a complete risk and legal compliance management for the industry. 

Certifications contribute to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals issued by the UN.

It is the supply chain compliance with validated sustainability claims.  


How we can collaborate with you:

Implementation and maintenance of organic certification processes in several crops, obtaining certified raw material.

Selection of the seal and/or certification process applicable to the product, market and consumer intended to be achieved;

Implementation and maintenance of sustainability and/or fairtrade certification processes;

Development of policies, procedures, process flows and action plans to achieve certification, organic and/or sustainability protocols;

Follow-up of the certification audit by the certifying accredited institution.


Identification and minimization of social environmental risks along the raw material supply chain;

Sustainability statements validated by independent third-party audit;                                            

Obtaining organic raw material certificates requested by specific markets;                             

Transparent relations among producers and industry.                                                             

Brazbio Company is specialized on the management and implementation of projects with positive socio-environmental impact and sourcing of natural ingredients within principles of ethical biotrade.

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