Botanical Research & Development (R&D)

One of our state-of-art services is the botanical research & development. Our team of specialists develop medium and long-run projects to:

  • Improvement in quality of natural ingredients: researches for genetic improvement based on the selection of the best matrices that meet the required specification; fertilization studies aiming at the grow of plants with maximum concentration of the active of interest; practical experiments in the fields, in order to identifying the best cultivation and harvest practices of required species.
  • Bioprospection in Brazilian biomes: screening of Brazilian biodiversity aiming at identifying new species and/or new applications for already known species, sometimes part of associated traditional knowledge in regional communities from each of the Brazilian biomes.
  • Support with access of natural ingredients from the biodiversity and benefit sharing: promoting the compliance with the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and with the entire Brazilian legal frame or the Nagoya Protocol to access the biodiversity, we also implement benefit-sharing programs, either mandatory or simply voluntary.

It is the innovation, science and research, sometimes developed along with the best botanical and technological institutes or in partnerships with the university, to promote the sustainable use of our biodiversity.


How we can collaborate with you:

Seasonality studies of plants;                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Applied research projects to increase productivity, production efficiency and active contents;                                                            

Partnerships with renowned universities and institutions of scientific research;                                                                                                           

Prospection of plants of interest, aiming at specific applications.                                                                                                                                           


Increase in the plant productivity and expansion of its supply chain;

Plants with higher active contents;

Generation of technical-scientific knowledge which does not exist in books or any other research;

New plants for new applications along with the research & development teams of industry.

Brazbio Company is specialized on the management and implementation of projects with positive socio-environmental impact and sourcing of natural ingredients within principles of ethical biotrade.

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